What is Digitizing and Why Do I Need it for Embroidery?

We always catch people off guard when we ask here at FAMS Printing if they have their logo digitized for embroidery. It usually results in a puzzled look or a response wondering if a digitized file is the same as a digital file.

When working on an order for embroidery, digitizing has a very precise definition that is actually pretty easy to explain. We can easily create the required file for you (which is usually a .dst format) but when running an embroidery job with custom logo work it would be impossible to start your order without it.

Odds are, if you have never had an embroidery order made with your company logo, you probably won't be in possession of the digitized file. Even if you paid top dollar for graphic design work or used our convenient online design tool odds are you won't have the required file because it is so specific to the embroidery process.

So I Know I Need It, But What Does It Do?

A .dst file for embroidery will basically work as a blueprint for the machine so that it knows how to sew out your branded logo on the garments that you order from us. From stitch direction, to color jumping, to fill density, a good quality .dst file is key to creating a Preemo quality result for your embroidery order.


Definition: of superior quality or integrity. Standing in a category above and beyond what is considered the norm in its specific industry.

We start with your logo in any format. It can be raster or vector based art work to get the process started. As shown below, these are the 3 stages. The initial logo is provided, then we create the pathway file, and finally a sew out of the logo from our embroidery machine.

Sizing is key for any embroidery order. You want to make sure the image is large enough so it sews properly but not so big that it overwhelms the printable area. If the logo needs to be edited to ensure a better quality result we will be sure to let you know.

Now the next time you are ready to place your embroidery order you'll already be one step ahead of us. Keep these design tips in mind whenever you are creating a logo design or discussing layout options.

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